The American Imposter


The story of an amazing Canadian athlete who faced extreme adversity, after falling from a tree as a child and told that he would never walk again, managed to rise up a few years later and run!

He set Canadian and US amateur records and was the first Canadian to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

His personal accomplishments were amazing and, yet, we all but forgot him and today he is completely misidentified and his life's story, astound by the media, is full of inaccuracies, mistaken identities and falsehoods.  

The Imposter

This athlete turned away from his Canadian heritage, pretended to be an American and the truth didn't come out until 20+ after his death.

This film sets the story straight.  

The Team


Visual Rhodes Inc

Sportlight Productions Inc

Executive Producer:

  Brian Gard


  Mark Hebscher

  Brian Gard


  Mark Hebscher



  Brian Gard

Shot in 1080i HD

Time: 1 hour